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Womb Blessing Hawai'i

Aloha, welcome to Womb Blessing Hawai'i. I am Rosie, level 3 Moon Mother and with all my heart I offer Womb Blessing Ceremonies, which bring powerful healing and connectedness to our natural femininity. Location: all over Hawai'i Island and -by invitation- on Maui, Kaua'i and Oahu,




Womb Blessing Ceremony​​

The Womb Blessing creates a sanctuary of female energies and sisterhood with those who share this memorable ceremony with you. This is why we come together in the intimacy of somebody's home or a beautiful yogastudio. During the ceremony, which takes 2.5  hours, every woman receives a personal Womb Blessing. 

***To experience deepest and have most benefits from the Womb Blessing Ceremony it is important for you and all other women to prepare yourself for the ceremony by reading the website, especially this page and come with an open heart. ***

The Womb Blessing Ceremony

9.15am/1.15pm Come in, find a place in the circle and make yourself at home

9.30am/1.30pm E komo mai! Opening & ceremony with the bowls

10.00am/2.00pm Womb Blessing Hawai'i meditation, (Personal) Womb Blessings, sharing

 12ish/4ish Pau.


Please BRING for ceremony 

Two little bowls. Choose, if you have, your favorite ones.

Your favorite scarf. You can cover yourself with the scarf while receiving the Womb Blessing. Or wrap yourself in the scarf after to stay in your own sacred space.

Comfortable clothes, like a dress or whatever makes you feel comfortable.


You can even think of bringing a cozy blanket and or pillow

A pupu to share with the other women while we are in ceremony

Please DO during ceremony:

Make yourself as comfortable as you can. Sit or lie down and relax. While the other women receive the personal Womb Blessing, you receive the energy as well. That's why the blessing ceremonies are so powerful. Choose intuitively if you want to receive at the beginning or at the end of the ceremony.

Drink water, tea and have some pupus.

You can basically do all that you want. The only thing I ask is to do it in silence.

SELF-CARE recommendations for after the ceremony:

Drink lots of herbal tea and water

Eat nutricious foods

Take rest

Spend time alone

Spend time in nature


The Womb Blessing will integrate during the next 28 days. Rosie recommends doing the Self-healing meditation three times a week to keep connection with the Womb Blessing's awakening in you. Rosie will teach the Self-healing meditation during the Womb Blessing Ceremony.

FEE: $35

Call Rosie for sign up at 808-7655952

Photo: Hilo, Coconut Island, by Rosie Rosanne